Ways to get involved

Orientation Calls

This is the place to dive in! These are a friendly, casual, low-pressure introduction to Intentional Society. We'll introduce ourselves, get some background on the design of IS, and share about what to expect in later meetings. Interested attendees can then get the private link to the next day's general session. Bring your video camera (phone is okay), microphone, and any questions you have.

Click here to sign up for the next orientation video call on Saturday December 4th, 1:00-1:55pm Pacific Standard Time (4pm Eastern, 9pm UTC).


Want to follow along with what we're doing and learning? Regardless of whether particiating in Intentional Society is a fit for you and your life circumstances, you're welcome to stay informed and learn vicariously. Each week (usually on Wednesday or Thursday) you'll receive one update sharing about our experience the prior Sunday and what's coming next. Enter your email here to subscribe to our weekly update newsletter:

Then, don't forget to click on the confirmation email!


Right now membership means "regular participant" - we're not formal about it. People who have attended an orientation call and a general session receive access to our internal mailing list and our community Discord server.

General Sessions

These meetings are the main heartbeat of Intentional Society. Our third season runs July through September, and kicks off on July 11th! We'll have a few weeks of community-building practices, do some whole-group learning, self-organize into small groups for some deeper exploratory voyages, then return to the campfire to tell stories and integrate what we've learned. Don't worry if you miss the kick-off - we're mindful to build easy on-ramps throughout the whole cycle, so you can join in at the right time for you.

General sessions happen on Sundays, 1:00-2:45pm Pacific Daylight Time (4pm Eastern, 8pm UTC). (Once again, the meeting link is private and provided after an orientation call.)

Our historical timeline contains a record of our meetings and topics.

Meta Meetings

We include "meta time" in some of our general sessions, but this is where further behind-the-scenes steering, strategy, and governance support happen. Attendence is open to any member, as we work "with the garage door open". These currently happen on Mondays, 9am Pacific Daylight Time (Noon Eastern, 4pm UTC) but occasionally bounce around to different times.

Connection Shuffle

This is a new opt-in activity piloting in Q3: Periodic pairings with other Intentional Society members for casual one-on-one calls. Get to know some folks better and hear the stories behind the faces.

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