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Intentional Society is made of people, practices, and culture held in awareness and intention.
It's a place to grow and develop yourself in a warm, supportive community.
It's a living probe into stabilizing and spreading self-transforming collective culture.
It's a future society that better supports the thriving of humans and humanity.

Practice Series Q1 2024

Liberation. Joy. Meaning. Adaptability. Equanimity. Not from logic, nor from magic, but freely available through interactive, relational, practical experience...

For the first time, Intentional Society has assembled its best practices into a publicly-accessible 9-week program designed to support post-conventional personal development. In plain words, we're building a bridge to "being who we want to be" beyond what society typically offers us. With nine practices in nine weeks, each week utilizes a different relational practice, from the well-known (IFS, Circling, Case Clinic) to the home-grown, assembled over hundreds of hours of participatory research across the last three years.

No membership commitment required — if you resonate with this invitation, you may attend any and all weeks. Sessions will occur the first three weeks of each of January (7/14/21st), February (4/11/18th), and March (3/10/17th) 2024, all starting 1pm Sunday Pacific Time and 90 minutes in length.

The next session in our practice series is Sunday, March 3rd at 1:00-2:30pm Pacific Time (4pm Eastern, 9pm UTC). Click here for access to the meeting link.

We've been exploring and relating together for three years now, with more than 140 weekly sessions under our belts.

You can read more about who we are and what we do, and find a few different inroads to get involved if and when you feel so called.

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