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Intentional Society is made of people, practices, and culture held in awareness and intention.
It's a place to grow and develop yourself in a warm, supportive community.
It's a living probe into stabilizing and spreading self-transforming collective culture.
It's a future society that better supports the thriving of humans and humanity.

Season 14 Update

Our 14th quarterly/seasonal cycle runs April through June 2024.

Practice Dojo: Exploratory Practice Series

With open front doors, the Practice Dojo welcomes novices and experts alike to train in the varied arts of relational-developmental practices. This season, we welcome six guest teachers to guide us in exploring new-to-us awareness, relating, and embodiment tools.

The Exploratory Practice Series meets on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of April, May, and June. All sessions start at 1pm Pacific Time (4pm Eastern, 8pm UTC), and usually last for 90 minutes.
Sign up for access here.

The practice/topic lineup is:

  • April 13 — Growth as Object with James Baker
  • April 27 — Dia-Logos with Romeck van Zeijl (2 hours)
  • May 11 — Alexander Technique with Michael Ashcroft
  • May 25 — Feldenkrais Method - Awareness through Movement with Seth Dellinger (2 hours)
  • June 8 — Mettā Meditation with Tasshin Fogleman
  • June 22 — Gendlin Focusing with Jessica Fan

Core Collective

C is for core, commons, communitas, collective, communion, culture — whatever it's called, this is a space of relationship-building, belonging, acceptance, play, and exploration. It is emergent, messy, and full of laughter and tenderness. We will once again be meeting weekly on Sundays (also starting 1pm Pacific): a clear consistent heartbeat of connection. Yes, we do practices here also, utilizing a living-room vibe of trust and safety to go deeper than the average Practice Dojo experience. Members also lead a variety of events and small in this leader-ful open-space playground collective.

Read more and apply here. Membership is free (always has been), and the light application-and-agreements membrane that defines membership exists to let us create openness and safety in our private cozyweb and manage our private data sharing. If you haven't been to at least one Practice Dojo session previously, please plan to attend an Office Hours call for orientation purposes.

Intentional Ventures

New! We intend to grow a thriving economic ecosystem that supports our material security, in ways that align with our values and purposes, leveraging a crucial foundation of professional, relational, and developmental skills. Intentional Ventures is in early-stage formation with an invite-only founding team. Inquire at Office Hours if you're curious.

diagram of three parts labeled Practice Dojo, Core, and Ventures

Since Jan 2021 we've been exploring and relating together weekly, with more than 150 sessions under our belts.

You can read more about who we are and what we do, and find a few different inroads to get involved if and when you feel so called.

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