grow your better self

awareness, acceptance, integrity

grow our next culture

thriving humans and humanity


Intentional Society is made of people, practices, and culture held in awareness and intention.
It's a place to grow and develop yourself in a warm, supportive community.
It's a living probe into stabilizing and spreading self-transforming collective culture.
It's a future society that better supports the thriving of humans and humanity.

Season 15 Status

Our 15th seasonal/quarterly cycle runs July through September 2024.

Core Community

Meets on Sundays. Season starts July 7th.

Read more and apply here. Membership is free (always has been), and the light application-and-agreements membrane that defines membership exists to let us create openness and safety in our private cozyweb and manage our private data sharing. If you haven't been to at least one Practice Dojo session previously, please plan to attend an Office Hours call for orientation purposes.

diagram of three parts labeled Practice Dojo, Core, and Ventures

Since Jan 2021 we've been exploring and relating together weekly, with more than 150 sessions under our belts.

You can read more about who we are and what we do, and find a few different inroads to get involved if and when you feel so called.

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