Developing and growing ourselves.
Skilfull relating with each other.
Support and belonging in community.
Embodying and radiating outward a new way of being.

What is Intentional Society?

The shortest not-wrong answer is,

“a community for people who want to grow.”

As we form up in these first months, it's probably more accurate to say,

“a club for people who want to build a community for people who want to grow.”

If you've got a couple minutes for the longer story, read this.

If that calls to you... come learn more. We've got a lot to learn too, and the way to do it is together.


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Informational Calls

These are introductory sessions for newcomers who are curious about Intentional Society. All are welcome, and will hear a 25-minute explanatory effort on the design and current status of the community. Interactive Q&A follows. Using a video camera and microphone is encouraged.

These currently happen most Saturdays.Click here to register for the next call on Saturday April 24th, 1:00-1:55pm Pacific Daylight Time (UTC-7) (4pm Eastern).

General Sessions

These meetings are for members (loosely self-identified, at present) of Intentional Society. In Q1 we explored relational practices for connection and authenticity as one group together. As we grow into Q2 we're shifting to a small-group emphasis, and are in experimentation mode as we try it out. General sessions currently happen on Sundays, 1:00-2:45pm Pacific Daylight Time (4pm Eastern start). Attending an informational call is a prerequesite.

Historical Timeline

  • 2021-04-11 General Session 2.1 - Structural redesign
  • 2021-04-10 Informational Session
  • 2021-03-27 General Session #11 - Adult Development intro part 2
  • 2021-03-26 Informational Session
  • 2021-03-21 General Session #10 - Adult Development intro part 1
  • 2021-03-21 Informational Session
  • 2021-03-14 General Session #9 - Collective Presencing
  • 2021-03-07 General Session #8 - Authentic Relating, Hotseat
  • 2021-03-07 Informational Session
  • 2021-02-28 General Session #7 - Glass Bead Game
  • 2021-02-28 Informational Session
  • 2021-02-21 General Session #6 - Empathy Circling
  • 2021-02-21 Informational Session
  • 2021-02-14 General Session #5 - DEI
  • 2021-02-07 General Session #4 - examining avoidance
  • 2021-02-07 Informational Session
  • 2021-01-31 General Session #3 - I seem, we seem
  • 2021-01-31 Informational Session
  • 2021-01-24 General Session #2 - being with you, I notice
  • 2021-01-24 Informational Session
  • 2021-01-17 General Session #1 - sensing and seeking
  • 2021-01-17 Informational Session
  • 2021-01-10 Informational Session
  • 2020-12-27 Informational Session
  • 2020-12-19 Call text revised
  • 2020-12-05 Website deployed
  • 2020-11-10 Domain name registered